2/25/2021 - Light7whitetiger, DM via Instagram, "Great site! Love inclusivity & bringing OR vintners tours through your site."
2/23/2021 - R. Lois, DM via Facebook, "This is great information."
2/17/2021 - T. Dayton, DM via Facebook, "Oh that's awesome."
2/15/2021 - Kyla, DM via Facebook, "Very Cool! Nice format you have."
2/8/2021 - B. Philip, DM via Instagram, "Thanks for the awesome resource"
2/5/2021 - S. Xavier, DM via LinkedIn, "I think [Vino Voyage] is a fabulous idea."
2/4/2021 - N. Wenzler, DM via Facebook, "Hey there, CJ. Thanks for sharing your site, but, I'm already familiar with it. Have been checking it out since I moved up here (first noticed it through our mutual friend). "
2/3/2021 - K. Horenstein, DM via LinkedIn, "Was just checking out your website! I have a group of friends that do wine trips - this looks perfect!"
2/3/2021 - R. Daigneault, DM via Facebook, "Hi CJ, thanks for the information- I will pass it on/use it myself!"
2/3/2021 - A. Prager, DM via Facebook, "This is so cool. Thanks for sharing. I was about to table going to the wine country as I didn't want to research each individual winery to see who was open on Monday's and offered heated outdoor tastings."
1/29/2021 - Cellar Cat, Tweet, "You are a great find!! We are opening another wine-centric venture soon and your website is a wonderful resource!"
1/29/2021 - River&Vines, Tweet "Thanks @_vinovoyage for helping *celebratory emoji(s)*"